Saturday, 27 January 2007

Visual Inspiration

here is a painting i did about 3 years ago called 'The Four Artists'. They are from left to right Marilyn Monroe (d 1962), Sylvia Plath (d 1963), River Phoenix (d 1993) & Kurt Cobain (d 1994). The top row is the iconic image - how they were known to the world. The middle is the distorted 'inner life' of each artist - their dark & destructive personalities and how it illuminates their creative lives. The bottom is a bringing together of both elements - the human being & the artist, to create the truest visual representation of each (from my perspective). This painting was done on a canvas with oils and what you see is actually much brighter than the original. i want to do another version on the same subject, because this could be seen as nothing but a shrine (some people really hated it!).

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